So...what's this all about?

Written November 2010

So they say you only live once...

My name is Michael, I'm 24 and I live in Seattle, WA. I'm far from an MTV super sweet sixteen story. I unfortunately don't have tons of money for Billy Idol to come and play a special VIP birthday. I instead work three jobs, pay off my student loans and search for where I will end up in life.

As a graduate of communications, I work two Public Relations related internships. My third job is retail and that's really what pays for life right now. Can't say I'm very thrilled to be where I am in life with all the debt I owe from school but I love working hard to get where I want to be.

This whole project stemmed from a conversation I had with a co-worker in October of 2010 right before my 24th birthday. Someone asked what I had planned for my birthday next year. I always use my birthday as an opportunity to gather every single one of my friends for one night to forget about the stresses of life. Going into adult life now-a-days is tough. Friends get married, people move across the country, priorities change in life and keeping in touch with everyone grows more difficult. Besides my family, my friends are what i'm most thankful for in life. They really make my life worth living.

So once a year I really try to go out of my way to do something fun and memorable for all my friends. Two years ago we danced and got a 80's New Wave cover band to play. Last October we had a DJ spin MJ and Prince all night. For 2011 I really wanted to put a project together. I like the challenge of doing something over the top and trying to defy the odds. For example in high school for a project, I tried to get an outdoor hockey game played at Safeco Field in Seattle. A little crazy for a 17 year old, but I sure tried and got a great deal far.

If someone asks me what my favorite hobby is it's going to a concert. Banging your head, jumping up and down, and shouting your favorite lyrics while your Idol (no pun intended) is singing feet from you on stage. Nothing is more intoxicating.

To say I'm a fan of 80's music would be an understatement. I mean my mom did name me after the band INXS after all.

I can be found in Seattle singing "Rebel Yell" at many bars. I can be seen dancing at work to "Dancing With Myself". I can be heard humming "Mony Mony" over dinner. Billy Idol is the ultimate Rock and Roll musician.

I have seen him three times in concert. 2005, 2007 and 2010. With most recently having Billy throwing me an autographed drum stick and his set list at the 2010 show from the stage. He's the best concert I have ever been to and my list of concert's has to be nearing 100.


If there's one thing I want to try to accomplish in life then it's getting Billy Idol to play my birthday.

Seattle, WA. October 22nd, 2011.

Billy Idol live in 2010, Front Row!

I realize it's over the top to think I can get him to fly to Seattle just for my birthday. So why not do some homework of Seattle's best intimate clubs for concerts. The best concerts always come from smaller clubs. I've heard Billy Idol will be recording a new album in 2011. So what a perfect time to get out of the recording studio and book a round of club shows on the west coast. Play a show on my birthday, which is a Saturday by the way. Give me 50 tickets to sell to my friends so we all can get in. Sell the show like a normal concert. Make the event for charity, take a portion of the proceeds and donate them and take the rest to pay for your expenses to come to Seattle.

(As of 11-18-11, this project has raised nearly 300 pounds of food and 300 dollars for local non profit Northwest Harvest at the Billy Idol Aid Event. On July 9th Billy Idol Aid 2 donated over $,1500 to the American Red Cross. On November 18th, $5,300 was raised via Billy Idol Aid 3! Proceeds went to Northwest Harvest and American Red Cross! )

This project is to try and show my passion for my friends, concerts and most importantly Billy Idol. This is also about trying to make something happen in life and not just sitting back for the ride.

I've set up this website that will be updated regularly with content on my effort to try and make the impossible happen...

Wish me Luck...


P.S. Your all invited to the concert

Watch Out Ladies...You could be this close on October 22nd

Updated 10-23-2011! So after a years worth of hard work my birthday came and went with no Idol party to speak of, but lets look at the bright side! BILLY IDOL KNOWS!

Not only that but he sent me a video teasing coming October 22nd, 2012 to Seattle! Now that's persistence! Looks like we got one more year to get this done!

What started out as a year long project I'm turing giving one more year. After raising over $7,000 for charity and getting this close we can;t stop on getting Billy Idol to Seattle for a concert!