It's official!!! He's coming!!!! October 26th 2012!!!!

This page is being used to catch you up on how successful this project has been!

It started in April of 2011 when I first heard his camp knew of the project...

Does Billy Idol Know About This Project?: According to Billy Morrison (Idol's Rhythm Guitarist) via Twitter on 4-16-11 when asked if he had heard of "Yes I have. Beyond my control or paygrade I'm afraid! Good luck."

Then on July 30th 2011..Idol's Manager...Tony Dimitriades... called me to say he has known for the last several months about the project! We chatted several times as he offered me advice going forward and discussed the possibility of it happening.

Then finally on October 24th, 2011.... two days after my 25th birthday Billy Idol sent this....

Billy Idol KNOWS! And sent a video!! Maybe 10-22-2012???

-Was nominated for a 2011 Seattle Weekly Web Award "Seattle's Favorite Meme"!!

-This project has donated 281 Pounds of food and over $300 dollars to local charity Northwest Harvest via Billy Idol Aid

Billy Idol Aid 2 saw over $1,200 dollars donated to the American Red Cross!

Billy Idol Aid 3 raised over $5,300 for the American Red Cross and Northwest Harvest!

Billy Idol Aid 4 raised $6,500 for the American Red Cross and Northwest Harvest!

-Featured on ABC Seattle TV station KOMO channel 4 on 1-19-11
(Komo Nightly news @ 4pm, 6pm and 11pm)

Featured on FOX Seattle TV Station Q13 Channel 13 on 2-21-11
(Q13 News @10pm)

Featured on NBC Seattle TV Station King5 on 3-22-11 and 11-5-11
(New Day Northwest- Talk Show (Live))

-Featured on 6 Seattle radio stations
(107.7 The END, 99.9 KISW, KOMO 1000, KIRO 97.3, STAR 101.5, 92.9 KISM)

-30 known Articles have been published about Play My Birthday Billy
( (2), (2), (2),,, (2), (3),, (2),, NWHarvest,org,,,,, and more)

According to Google Analytics... The website has been viewed in...

-United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Brazil, Croatia, Japan, Turkey, Bulgaria, India, Mexico, Morocco, Turkey, Estonia, Czech Republic, Denmark, South Africa, Venezuela, Hungary, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Finland, Malaysia, Spain, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Uganda, Portugal, Paraguay, Macedonia, Bahrain, Iceland, Israel, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uruguay, Belgium and more...

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