10 Aug

Comedian Carlos Mencia sings "Rebel Yell" with Michael from PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com

So I was at a karaoke bar last Thursday which also happens to be attached to a popular comedy club. I was looking over toward the bar area and I couldn't help but notice a guy who looked just like Carlos Mencia (Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia. Go figure he was doing a show at the Emerald Queen Casino that weekend and decided to stop by to visit some friends. I had some buddies help coax him into coming onstage to sing "Rebel Yell" with me, here is what happened....


Here is a picture of my buddy Mike Iannone with Carlos right after we sang

01 Aug

Nite Wave - "Dont you (Forget About Me)" Live @ BIA 2

Some new video surfaced of my band Nite Wave from Billy Idol Aid 2! Here is our cover of Simple Minds "Dont You (Forget About Me)"

Also if your new to this project/ website make sure to catch up with the WTF? section on the menu above! Then head over to my YouTube page to see over 50 videos for this project!

27 Jul

So I Got A Phone Call Last Week....

Last week July 17th I got an e-mail....

A gentleman from East End Management, Billy Idol's Management team, wrote me an e-mail introducing himself and telling me that Tony Dimitriades, Manager of Billy Idol, would like to speak with me the following day.

As I'm sure you can imagine my Jaw hit the floor. The guy I have been trying to get a hold of for 9 months wants to personally call me. So I chatted with Billy Idol's manager last week. Kinda Cool huh?

He seemed genuinely impressed by all the work put into the project and has known about it for quite sometime. He asked me a couple of questions to get to know me better and was curious how I built up such a project.

It was a great 15 minute or so conversation and we have spoken on another occasion since then.

So your thinking by now what happened? What does this mean? Will Idol show up to Seattle in October? What does Billy think?... Well I don't quite know all the answers yet but the fact Idol's MANAGER has contacted me to acknowledge this project is an unbelievable feeling.

I have to give a huge thanks to everyone of you who has supported me and this project and helped raised funds for those in need. Without you none of this is possible

I can let you know that a Billy Idol Aid 3 event is currently in the works to conclude this project and more info on that will come in the next week or so...Keep your eyes and your ears open...Should be a fun one in the next couple months...

26 Jul

Breaking News!!!

Stay Tuned Thursday Afternoon for a BIG Announcement!!!!


25 Jul

Billy Idol Aid 2 in Photos!

If you missed Idol Aid 2 here is the whole night in photos!

Could an Idol Aid 3 be in the works?

21 Jul

$1,281 Donated to the American Red Cross today from Billy Idol Aid 2!

Video from today's donation from Billy Idol Aid to the American Red Cross!

Coming tomorrow, a slideshow video of 130 pictures from Billy Idol Aid 2!!!


12 Jul

Billy Idol Officially Announces October "West Coast" Dates


Well I guess "West Coast" October tour dates may have been too good to be true. Last week before Billy Idol Aid 2, I got an e-mail from Idol's official Newsletter announcing the tour dates. Idol will be staying in California with one date in Arizona. Note 10/22 still open.

Now at first glance it may seem great that Idol has kept 10/22 open, but logistically it looks very difficult for Idol to actually put on a concert in Seattle that day. It's impossible to bring his gear by land in time. Flying all his necessary gear to Seattle seems a little too expensive, plus the fact we are 100 days away with no date announcement leads me to believe Idol currently has nothing up his sleeve for PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com and the lovely city of Seattle.

How in the world do you get Idol's attention? Numerous e-mails to his management have gone unanswered. The only contact to Anything Idol related has been with Idol's Rhythm Guitarist a couple of months ago.


"People Are Aware" tweeted Billy Morrison, Idol's guitarist. More recently Idol's lead guitarist Steve Stevens' Wife, Josie Stevens, noted the contributions of the website to charity.


11 Jul

Billy Idol Aid 2 -Visual Look!

All credit goes to Jose Medina @ JoseMedinaPhotography.com

idol 2-1_0.jpg

Idol 2-2_0.jpg

idol 2-3_0.jpg

idol 2-4_0.jpg

11 Jul

New Article on HeraldNet.com



HUGE Thanks to Nick Patterson @ the Everett Herald. Great guy and been a huge supporter of mine since day one! Come read his article!

Also a recap of Idol Aid 2 coming tomorrow night!

07 Jul

Billy Idol Aid 2 - THIS SATURDAY

So I figured I would throw up some final thoughts right before the biggest night of my life. I can remember years ago going to see Duran Duran @ Marymoore Park and Depeche Mode @ Key Arena in the same year and thinking wow I want to do that someday. A year and a half ago in January 2010, I put out a Craigslist Ad "80's Singer/ Rhythm Guitarist looking for cover band". I got one response from my current bandmate Evan. I can remember going to audition and being beyond nervous. "Planet Earth" by Duran Duran and "One Thing Leads to Another" by the Fixx were the two songs I had to sing. Everything went well and it was time to play our first show right?!

Life happens sometimes and the drummer had to bail due to the birth of his second child. Then the band just sort of scattered off and all my excitement was squashed. We sounded way too good though for this to just be given up on. I tried rallying the troops and through tons of hours and searching we have my 80's cover band Nite Wave. I couldn't be prouder of all the work everyone in this band has put in to make these 14 songs we will play for you just amazing.

Lets not forget that this event is for charity! All proceeds at the door will be donated to the American Red Cross. So please forget about the stresses in life for one night, let loose and have a little fun. Throw on your best 80's costume! I will see you Saturday!


Doors Open @ 8pm, DJ Indica Jones will be spinning all night!.....Costume Contest starts at 10:15 pm. Nite Wave Goes on @ 10:30!