15 Dec

San Jose Sharks support PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com

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NHL All-star Dany Heatley hearts Billy Idol!


NHL All-Star Dan Boyle just can't get enough Play My Birthday Billy Idol.com


The San Jose Shark bench is still in shock that Billy Idol's flyer is near them

15 Dec

Video Venue UPDATED!! Showbox @ The Market

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Brand New! 8 minute video tour of the Showbox at the Market, a possible venue for Billy Idol to play come October 22nd, 2011!!

13 Dec

Breaking News!

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Thanks to Bryce Baker for his Billy Idol video!

13 Dec

Monday, December 13th Update

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Happy Holidays to those around the world!

-Tune into 1077 The End Monday morning between 6am-10am to hear an interview with Michael about PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com, much thanks to RED make sure to listen to her morning show during the weekdays! For more info go to http://blogs.1077theend.com/red/

-Two new PMBBI (Play My Birthday Billy Idol) Celeb videos coming soon....

-If anyone here lives in California and is going to the Billy Idol Christmas shows this week and would like to help, please get in touch with me via the How You Can Help button!

-Two new venue videos will be up at the end of the week as well! Much to look forward to!

10 Dec

Venue Video for Safeco Field!

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So in case a 1,000 seat venue is too small for Billy Idol I figured we would check out a 47,000 seat venue as well! Our longest Venue profile to date at close to 5 minutes! Enjoy! Ichiro and Ken Griffey Jr. Approved

09 Dec

Featured in the SEATTLE WEEKLY!!

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Well if the Seattle Times wasn't enough, the Seattle Weekly wrote an article as well!! Much thanks to Nick Feldman for the article and Marisa Willis for her help!

09 Dec

Featured in SEATTLE TIMES!!!!

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Remember the phone interview I recieved from the Seattle Times yesterday? Check this out!! Play My Birthday Billy Idol is featured in the Seattle Times, how cool?! Much thanks to Stephanie Clary @ the Times!

08 Dec

Rick Springfield supports Play My Birthday Billy Idol .com

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You know the guy who sings "Jessie's Girl"....Yeah that guy!! he loves Billy Idol

07 Dec

Update for December 7th, 2010

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Hey Peeps!

-So the lovely people at the Showbox recently got in touch with me and gave me an OK to film both the Market and SODO venues so we can get to know them better! A new video for the Market will be up to replace the sneaky version. Hope to film this next week and have it up by the 16th!

-I got in touch recently with Red from 107.7 THE END who has a morning show on weekdays from 6am to 10am. She has been a great help and may be able to talk about the website this coming Friday on her show! For more info on Red go to http://www.1077theend.com/pages/6231683.php

-Also have been in touch with Stephanie who works for the Seattle Times! She will be getting in touch this week to talk about the website!!!

Stay tuned for a new Celeb PMBBI (Play My Birthday Billy Idol) Supporter Video! Who will it be??? Any guesses