05 Jul


The weekend has almost arrived in Seattle for the Biggest 80's Party of the Summer!! Plus what amazing weather do we have this week!!! Couldn't be better!!

Here is the Road to Billy Idol Aid 2 video blog for the 4th of July here in the United States! Full details for BIA 2 coming Thursday!!

03 Jul

Road to Billy Idol Aid 2: Day 1 (6-2-11)

I had an idea to document the week leading up to the biggest 80's party of the summer! Keep posted for daily new videos until this Saturday's BILLY IDOL AID 2!!!

01 Jul

Local’s continuing quest to get Billy Idol to play his birthday


Much thanks to the awesome people of KOMO News! Here is a new article on the website with some build up for Billy Idol Aid 2! Make sure to keep those schedules open on the night of July 9th! 80's dancing, my own 80's cover band, a costume contest...what else do you need?!


27 Jun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I have finally hit 50 Videos!! For the 50th we have to go big! In what could be the most random/ coolest video ever...When it comes to Billy Idol Aid 2..."Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

July 9th is less than 2 WEEKS away until Billy Idol Aid 2! Costumes ready? Dance Shoes on? Ready to Party?

22 Jun

80's Superstar Eddie Money supports PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com!!

Known for his hits such as "Two Tickets to Paradise", "Shakin" and "Take me Home Tonight", Platinum recording artist Eddie Money Tells Billy Idol to make his way over to Seattle on October 22nd for a benefit concert on Michael's Birthday!

Here is Eddie kickin Ass with the song "Take Me Home Tonight"

21 Jun

New Interview with Michael at SoundUnwound.com

Much Thanks to the awesome people of SoundUnwound.com especially Court! Here is a new update/interview I did with the lovely people of that website!



20 Jun

Billy Idol Aid 2 "In Da Club" Teaser Video

"Billy Idol" gives his best advice on how to make the right moves.....

May contain strong language!

PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com and Seattle Weekly Present
Billy Idol Aid 2: A benefit for the American Red Cross
Saturday, July 9th @ 8pm / Nectar Lounge/ Seattle, WA
Featuring live 80’s cover band – Nite Wave !
Hosted by RED from 107.7 The End!!!
DJ Indica Jones – spinning 80’s dance hits all night
Costume Contest/ Special guests and more!

15 Jun

New Billy Idol Aid 2 video!

My dreams are finally coming true, I'm in an 80s band! Nite Wave Debuts @ BILLY IDOL AID 2 : An 80's night Fundraiser for American Red Cross !! Check the new teaser video

See if you can recognize some of the songs in the video that we will be playing @ Billy Idol Aid 2!!!

07 Jun

Does Billy Idol know??

As of today, June 7th, I am still unsure if Billy Idol himself knows about this project. So lets take a mini look back at this project to see if we can uncover any evidence that may lead to Idol's knowledge of this project!

First off lets look at the numbers. Thankfully this site tracks where in the world people are viewing this website. Thanks to Google Analytics we can see in the pictures below where in California this site has been viewed.


Why California? Well Idol lives in Los Angeles!!

So all those orange dots represent the city in which the site has been viewed in. Now thanks to the picture below we can see exactly how many times in what city people are viewing this site for 2011.


Could Idol be one of those Orange Dots???

I do have it on good word, through the grapevine, that Idol's camp knows about it. Heck Idol's Rhythm Guitarist Billy Morrison, Tweeted to me confirming that "People Are Aware"


Is it too much of a coincidence that Idol is doing West Coast Tour dates in October of all months? Remember the project is suppose to culminate on 10-22-11. Idol keeps teasing through his Twitter account that Tour dates are to be announced soon...

06 Jun

Introducing Nite Wave...

So for years in Seattle I have been going to 80's cover band gigs and I'm always that guy dancing at the front of the stage. About a year and a half ago in January of 2010, I decided it was time to translate what I was doing off stage on it. I started searching for the parts to make the ultimate 80's new wave cover band. Finally after numerous headaches and doubts I can say I finally have my own 80S BAND!!!! Introducing Nite Wave.....


Our first show is @ Billy Idol Aid 2
, July 9th!!! see you then....