How You Can Help!

So check it out! There are many ways you can help get Billy Idol to do the near impossible. On top of that your all invited to the Party and who doesn't want to see Billy Idol in concert?!

Much thanks goes out to Jim Stamper for creating the FLYER!!

-Its open to download at the link on the bottom of the page. The PDF file is paper size so throw this on a flash drive take it to kinko's and PRINT! Or if you have one of those fancy printers then print away. I want you to post these (as legal as possible) where ever you can! The idea is to spread the word to see if Billy Idol can hear about this website!

If you do print this and post it take photos with yourself and the Flyer in your city! Video works as well and I will post it on the website! For Example here's some Flyers in Canada

-Like the Facebook page! The link is to the right ---->

-Make videos! Show why you love Billy Idol and why you think he should do something out of the box! Any video you make for the website will be posted!

-Any photos you want to take with yourself and the flyer will be posted on the website!!!

-Tell your friends. Word of mouth is the best way to find out about things.

-Last but not least, please please please Suggest ways to market this Project. Any and all ideas to think out of the box and find unique ways to get Billy Idol's attention are more then welcome!


Billy Idol Approved!

Most Awesome 80's Party At The Nectar1.4 MB
Download the wanted flyer1.49 MB
Download the PG wanted flyer1.22 MB