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14 Feb

Jason and Molly Mesnick from ABC's The Bachelor show Play My Birthday Billy Idol Support!

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Jason and Molly Mesnick from ABC's The Bachelor support Maybe Billy Idol is a big "The Bachelor" fan?

Watch Jason and Molly Mesnick on Jimmy Kimmel Live below!

Remember to come out and celebrate Billy F'N Idol with Billy Idol Aid on February 24th!!!

18 Jan

Freestyle Ice Dancing, Billy Idol Style

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A freestyle Ice Skate sure enough to drop the jaws of Olympic Judges. Choreographed by Michael himself, on the fly, here for your entertainment value is Freestyle Ice Dancing. I wonder if Billy Idol approves this?

10 Jan

Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowler Marcus Trufant Supports Play My Birthday Billy

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Who would have thought Marcus Trufant and the Seattle Seahawks are huge Billy Idol Fan? !!

03 Jan Sighting in GERMANY! (Part 1)

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In what has to be the coolest thing ever, last week I got an e-mail from a lady named Sylvia from Nuremberg, Germany. She told me how much she loved the project I was putting on and wanted to help. Sylvia went above and beyond and took not only pictures but made a video!!! So today I will show you this awesome video and tomorrow we will have some Pictures!! Hey Billy Idol listen to your fans in Germany!

24 Dec

Santa Claus Supports Play My Birthday Billy!!!!

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Our biggest Celeb video yet!!! Our final video of Christmas Week Jolly old St. Nick has a word or two for Billy Idol

Have a Happy Holidays everyone we will be back next week!

23 Dec

"12 Days Of Billy (Idol)"

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Its Day four of Christmas week here @! Today is our last New Billy Idol Christmas song sung by our own Michael!

Look out for a Brand new Celeb video on the website tomorrow!!!!

22 Dec

"We Wish For A Billy Idol"

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Day three of's Christmas Week!! Today we have Bryce Bakers rendition of a new Christmas classic! Enjoy

20 Dec

"Billy The Idol....Rudolph"

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Day two of our Christmas week here at We have an unreal Billy Idol Christmas song for all to enjoy. A new heartwarming classic for 2010....Billy the Idol Rudolph...Enjoy

20 Dec

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Billy (Idol)"

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The always talented KC Dale sings a new Christmas tune for Mr. Billy Idol!

A new Billy Idol Christmas tune will be up tomorrow!

17 Dec

SHowbox SODO Video Venue Profile!!

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Today we have our 4th video venue profile! The Showbox SODO!