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16 Feb

Billy Idol Aid as seen in this weeks Seattle Weekly!

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Front Cover!


Page 75


With 8 days to go until Billy Idol Aid we have some big promoting going on around Seattle!!!

15 Feb

Kirkland 'Bachelor' joins fight for a Billy Idol birthday

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Kirkland "Bachelor" Joins Fight for Billy Idol Birthday

Click on the link above for an updated article from!

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02 Feb

Play My Birthday Billy Idol Spotted at THE WHITE HOUSE

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White House!_1.jpg

Billy Idol Approved!

Much thanks to Greg Cherny for sending this in!

Have any cool pics to send in? E-mail me at! We are less than 3 weeks away from Billy Idol Aid Are you going?!

31 Jan

Article on

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Really cool write up found on!! Who's Your Idol, Billy?

I know I promised the celeb video today, but Im still editing it! I promise tomorrow morning it will be up and on you tube!


26 Jan

Play Birthday Billy Idol on KOMO 4 NEWS!!

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This Monday a new Celeb video will be up on the website!!! Who can it be now?? Will Billy Idol approve of this new celeb?

24 Jan

Bothell man's rebel yell: Play my birthday party, Billy Idol

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A new article from the people over at the Bothell Reporter! Michael is described as "Wiry" and having "Long Sideburns"!!! Awesome

23 Jan

Week In Review 1-23-11

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What a busy week here at Play My Birthday Billy

We started the week with A freestyle Ice Dance set to Billy Idol's Dancing with myself!

Then we had a KOMO 1000 News Interview live on the air with Michael!!

An article poped up over at entitledDoes Billy Idol do Birthdays? go give it a read!

Two new articles popped up the next day!
Seattle P.I. 1-19-11
Will Billy Idol Play This Man's Birthday? 1-20-11
Bothell man campaigns for Billy Idol to play his birthday

I Filmed a new Celeb video!!! Who can it be? He can currently be seen on NBC! Coming Soon

Dori Monson KIRO 97.3 - Talk Show Seattle, WA
Aired on 1-20-11 12:30 pm

Here is a radio interview from 1-20-11 with Dori Monson on KIRO Talk Radio in Seattle, WA!!

22 Jan

Play My Birthday Billy Idol spotting in Bruges, Belgium!!!!!!

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Much thanks to Billy Idol superfan Morgan Rutter for her AWESOME photo and support from Belgium!

e-mail your photos to

21 Jan

Michael on Dori Monson KIRO 97.3 - Talk Show Seattle, WA

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Dori Monson KIRO 97.3 - Talk Show Seattle, WA
Aired on 1-20-11 12:30 pm

Here is a radio interview from 1-20-11 with Dori Monson on KIRO Talk Radio in Seattle, WA!!

Coming this Monday will be footage from the KOMO 4 news broadcast on Play My Birthday Billy

20 Jan

Does Billy Idol Do Birthdays????

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A new article from our friends over at KOMO!!! Go to !!

What a busy day here for Play My Birthday Billy can't believe the response so far. In case you missed it the website was featured on TV!! at the Seattle ABC affiliate KOMO 4 @ 4pm, 6pm and 11pm. Cant thank them enough for all of their help!!

-New to the site? Please explore the many hours of entertainment to be had!
Want to know what this is all about go to the WTF section!

-Live in the Seattle area? Get ready for Billy Idol Aid!

-Every Billy Idol fan is invited around the world to this party! and who doesn't want to see Billy Idol in concert?

Wanna get a hold of Michael? Have suggestions? Ideas? Wanna Help?