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25 Jan

PlaymyBirthdayBillyIdol.com invades AMSTERDAM!!!

Paris, China, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Vegas, Florida, California, Belgium, Germany, Cuba... the list goes on and on... Check out all the previous PlaymyBirthdayBillyIdol.com world photos here.....


Now we got an email of pictures from Amsterdam!!!! 2012 The year of idol in SEATTLE!!!



18 Jan

One More Year

One more year....Well i gave this a lot of thought and to be honest we have come way too far to just pack it in and be satisfied with a 20 second Idol video.

In case this makes zero sense make sure to click over on the WTF section and catch up on the past year.

Would Hulk Hogan give up after taking a flying elbow from Macho Man? Would George Lucas stop after making three Star Wars movies? What if Carson Daly gave up after MTV's Total Request Live was canned? We would have no Last Call with Carson Daly, nor would there be three more Star Wars films that no one seems to remember. on top of that the Hulkster would probably not be taking his vitamins and saying his prayers.

Despite the time this website takes, it's all just love and care. I love what this project has done, raised tons of money for those in need, got thousands of Idol fans across the world together and got us excited at the prospect of seeing Billy in concert in Seattle.

So this is it! All or nothing. Time to step up and get the word out to Idol about how much we want to see him in concert!

14 Jan

Billy Idol's Message @ BIA 3 LIVE, Nite Wave "Rebel Yell"

So here we are with a new year. Welcome 2012. I guess there was a lot of debate as wether I was going to continue this project or not.... So much had been completed and achieved. I mean we got BILLY IDOL's attention. If year one was getting idol's attention, then year two is convincing him Seattle on 10-22-2012 is a great idea!

So here we are, time to get back to videos! I have a new laptop and new editing software! So there will be no lack of videos! Footage of idol's message to the Billy Idol Aid 3 crowd followed by my band NITE WAVE'S version of "Rebel Yell" ....ENJOY!

31 Dec

PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com seen in GHANA WEST AFRICA!


What a way to end 2011. This picture is really worth a 1,000 words. I cant say how cool and exciting it is to see how far this project has reached all across the world. We ain't giving up to we get IDOL!

13 Dec

A Christmas Gift in the form of Billy Idol X-Mas songs!

Hope the holidays are treating you well! as a treat from PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com here are some awesome NEW Billy Idol songs just in time for the season! Hope you enjoy!

07 Dec

Nite Wave "I Ran" and "Rio" from Billy Idol Aid 3

Billy Idol Aid 3 marked a dream come true for me. No not getting a video shout out from Billy Idol, but having my own 80's cover band headline the Showbox Market. Every city has that historical, mystical, magical venue. Seattle's happens to be this Showbox venue. Heck even Idol played there a decade ago. To be playing on the same stage as some Legendary Bands just blew my mind. So here is some footage of my band NITE WAVE from Billy Idol Aid 3... Enjoy!

01 Dec

Looking for the Billy Idol Aid 3 pictures?

Since I have been getting tons of E-mails peeps aren't seeming to look hard enough for these photos! 400 of the 1,000 have been posted on the Play My Birthday Billy Idol Facebook Page!

The photos are broken up into 4 parts so far. The photos will all be uploaded hopefully by next week so keep checking back!

BIA# 723_0.jpg

30 Nov

Happy Birthday BILLY F'N IDOL

Well Billy Idol did wish me a late birthday, so I guess it's only fair to send Billy a happy birthday back!!! Billy if your wondering yes my band is totally down to play at your birthday this year!


> I'm also totally willing to donate these party supplies as well!

28 Nov


BIA# 474_0_0.jpg
Were you of of the 905 to attend Billy Idol Aid 3? Well don't worry photos are being put up as we speak at the Facebook page for Play My Birthday Billy Idol Click that link and make sure to tag yourself and download the photos from the 80's photo booth!

$2,630 was donated directly to the American Cross Offices today! All money donated from Billy Idol Aid 3! Next donation up is to Northwest Harvest!

An extremely flattering article someone wrote about my project! Granted it's not true that this project is ending!

21 Nov

Billy Idol Aid 3 a HUGE SUCCESS!! Over 900 fans attend raising over $5,200 for charity!


Me shredding some guitar during my band Nite Wave's version of Poison "Talk Dirty To Me

My jaw is still on the floor trying to recover from what just transpired last Friday. 905 FANS ATTENDED BILLY IDOL AID 3. This event nearly sold out the showbox!!! Unreal! On top of that just over $2,600 will go to American Red Cross and Northwest Harvest EACH! Over $5,200 was raised for charity, all from ticket sales.

Keep an eye out this week for more pictures from the event, Video ad more updates from this whirlwind of a weekend!