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09 Oct

My band will be opening up for BILLY IDOL!!!!

Holy Crap! Well it doesn't get much cooler then opening up for a Rock N Roll legend. A once in a lifetime experience. Billy gave the OK to have my band Nite Wave (NiteWaveParty.com) open up for him just yesterday. To say I'm nervous may be an understatement.


28 Sep

Idol start Seattle Rehearsals, More Media!

Well Idol took to twitter again today to let me know he is in the rehearsal studio getting ready for seattle!!!

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 12.10.20 AM.png

Also our friends from SeattleMet.com posted this online!

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 12.07.47 AM.png

26 Sep

One month to go! Billy Idol Retweets!!!

Well it's a big deal in 2012! This is the first time Billy Idol has acknowledged the project via Twitter. Idol also revealed they are already running rehearsals for the show!!!

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 7.34.38 PM.png

24 Sep

Billy Idol Aid 4 raises $6,500 for Charity!

Thanks to the support of all the Billy Idol Aid fans out there and a huge donation by a PlayMyBirthdayBillyIdol.com supporter, Idol Aid 4 raised an incredible $6,500 for Northwest Harvest and American Red Cross!

Not to mention we had Billy Idol announce that he was coming to Seattle for my birthday on October 26th! Could be the best night a guy could ask for!!

All photos from Billy Idol Aid 4 can be found here!

BIA4FINALPoster_0.jpgBIA4 581.jpgBIA4 529_0.jpgBIA4 678.jpgBIA4 127.jpg

22 Sep

One month away from my actual Birthday!

Despite the Idol concert being on October 26th, my actual birthday falls on October 22nd. We moved the show to the 26th since my actual birthday falls on a monday this year. One month to go, time to start getting excited!

BIA4 678.jpg

19 Sep

with Billy Idol comes.....STEVE STEVENS!

Let us not forget whom will be shredding guitar as we watch in Awe on October 26th! STEVE FRIGGIN STEVENS. Yes. The dude is a guitar legend. He plays lead guitar in the "Top Gun Anthem", and not to mention he did the song "Dirty Diana" with Michael Jackson. Lets just take a second to watch this video and be in awe!

steve stevens.jpg

07 Sep

Reaction Video from Billy Idol Aid 4!

The Reply from Jose Medina on Vimeo.

Contains some SALTY language! Sorry mom! Here is video from the stage the night of Billy Idol Aid 4 after Billy Idol made his announcement to the crowd that he is coming!

05 Sep

Front Page of Billy Idol's website!!!!

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 9.54.12 PM.png

This thing just keeps getting cooler and cooler day by day. Sucks it all has to end in 51 days!!!

BIA4 629.jpg

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone for their support over the past two years. It still seems like I'm dreaming and this isn't really happening. Thanks to this project I now have a band, Nite Wave, and my dreams of having Idol playing my bday are actually happening. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! - michael

05 Sep

Cover of a Magazine?!


Does it get any cooler then getting on a local karaoke magazine cover?

01 Sep

Radio Interview on an Iowa rock radio station!

Check out this AWESOME interview I did this week, the interview start at the 4 minute mark

BIA4 491.jpg