18 Nov

Tonight is the night!

After months of promotion Im finally headlining a show at the historical Showbox @ the Market! Unreal....I don't think it has hit me yet. I remember nearly crapping myself after my band Nite Wave hit the stage. So I think once I see the crowd and it's time to hit the stage there may be some sweat going on.


What's weird is that today is exactly 365 days since I started my website. Sure there is no Billy Idol birthday. But to perform in front of an expected 600-700 people tonight with Idol sending a video for the crowd is just unreal. I can't believe this is really happening. The same stage Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, U2, The Police have played on! Im currently listening to Janet Jackson's "Control" album to get pumped up for this show. How will it go tonight? Time will tell! I will post Idol's second video next week!

17 Nov

Billy Idol offers fan birthday dream hope

A West Virginia classic rock radio station wrote an article about my website!!! How badass is that?!!?!


Copy and Paste the LINK below to view the whole article!

07 Nov

Win Tickets to BILLY IDOL AID 3!

HUGE THANKS to Billy Idol Aid 3 sponsor 107.7 The End! They are doing tickets giveaways to Idol Aid 3 on November 18th @ the historical SHOWBOX at the MARKET in downtown Seattle, WA!

TEXT "IDOL" to 91077 to enter to win! Good luck and see you on the 18th!



02 Nov

Billy Idol WANTS YOU! @ Billy Idol Aid 3!

Well if it wasn't cool enough that Billy IDOL sent me a Birthday message, he has also sent a promo mp3 telling all your 80's fans to get your butt to BILLY IDOL AID 3!!!!! So cool!

26 Oct

Michael on KING 5's New Day Northwest!

Well I made my second appearance on TV this morning! This time to chat about Idol's video that he sent over and also Billy Idol Aid 3 on November 18th @ the Showbox Market!

25 Oct

Billy Idol... "Who Knows, There's Always Next Year"

WOW. Billy F'n Idol is talking to me!!

There is also more. Billy Idol sent two videos actually. The one you just saw above and he sent a second one to be seen strictly at Billy Idol Aid 3 on November 18th @ the Showbox Market

"Who Knows, There's Always Next Year"

24 Oct

BREAKING NEWS!! Billy IDOL Speaks!!!!!

I was just sent a video from Billy Idol this morning... As soon as I can get it up and online you will be the first to know

Here is a screen shot from the video!!!!!!


24 Oct

So I had birthday this past weekend!

Well a year's time came and passed with no word from Billy Idol himself and another notch on the age belt. Tough to say why he didn't pull through for this. We can confirm YES, Billy Idol did know about this project. Even to the point that Idol's people considered coming up here. Yet here we are on October 24th and we are left with no Idol to rock out to.

So what exactly did I do for my birthday?

Went up to Vancouver, B.C., Canada for an NHL game! Saw an 80's cover band and spent time with some of the best friends a person could know!




And what better way to top it off then a great gift from some friends! Billy Idol on Vinyl!!!

Huge thanks to everyone's support across the globe over the past year. We still have Billy Idol Aid 3 coming up SOON! With more updates! stay tuned!

24 Oct

Play my birthday: Billy Idol probably won't make it to Seattle man's party - 10-21-11
Play my birthday: Billy Idol probably won't make it to Seattle man's party

In case you missed my radio interview on 97.3 KIRO last Friday here is the article with Radio link in the story!


21 Oct

And Then There Was One Day Left...

Wlak of Fame_1.jpg
(Play My Birthday Billy Idol flyer seen @ the Hollywood Walk of Fame)

Crazy to think it has been a year since I started this crazy project. Time flies when your having fun I guess?! Last year I wanted to try and make something happen with my life. Somehow I came up with the crazy idea to get Billy Idol to Seattle to play at my Birthday this year

It started as a goofy idea and it took me the first month or so to realize I was going to put a lot of work into it. I think it first hit me this was going 100% when I got a video from a lady in Germany who is telling Billy Idol to play @ my birthday!. How crazy is that? Someone from halfway across the world took the time to send me a video of her plea to Billy Idol on my behalf. It was kind actions and the support of strangers who saw the site that really got me going.

Then of course the Celeb videos. It started with Kevin Nealon last year beggin Idol to come play my birthday. That lead to Rick Springfield,then Apolo Ohno. Then the outpouring of support from Celebs!

This website was viewed over 10,000 times with over 30,000 page views in 71 countries!



The project has been covered on TV, Radio and Paper. The Billy Idol Aid projects have raised over $1,500 ad 300lbs of food with one more to go!