25 Oct

King 5 News Video! 10-25-12 24 Hours to go!

24 Hours to go! Got to also do a live via satellite with the Today show in Australia!

24 Oct

48 Hours to go, The Soup on E! TV and The Today Show in Australia!


That's Joel McHale, Comedian and Seattle-ite!, on The Soup on E Online! Talking about me on National TV!!! WOW! Kind of crazy huh?

If that wasn't cool enough I will be in studio in Seattle going LIVE via Satellite to the TODAY SHOW IN AUSTRALIA!!! Am I dreaming? should I be pinching myself?! Oh and by the way we see Billy Idol in TWO DAYS!!

23 Oct

Holy Crap!!! 3 Days to go!!!

Good lord this story is everywhere!!!

Fox News, Seattle Times, Huffington Post, New York Daily News, New York Times, Washington Post....etc.

Above is a link to the Associated Press video story! Otherwise Google Billy Idol and BAM stories galore!!! So thankful!!!


22 Oct

They say it's your birthday! Its my Birthday too Yeaa!!!

Its Officially here! Technically the 22nd is my real birthday! Which means we are just 4 FRIGGIN Days away from BILLY IDOL!!!! Hecks YES! Two years ago, I had a goal to do something outrageous. I missed all my friends who had roamed around the world, I was sick of working three jobs to make ends meet and I wanted to use my love for everything 80's to do something Historical.

Here we are just two years later ans HISTORY IS BEING MADE! Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't so something! This Website and project is PROOF! Dreams do come true, so don't be afraid to dream big and work hard!

21 Oct

5 Days to go!

This still doesn't seem like it's real. Despite all the media coverage and despite people pointing me out as the Billy Idol guy, I don't think I can wrap my head around whats happening. I have tried to envision what it may be like kicking it with Idol for a day and I have to pinch myself.

BTW, tomorrow is my official 26th birthday! Thanks again for all your support!

20 Oct

The last stop before Billy Idol!!

My jaw is still on the floor right now. Tonight starts BILLY IDOL WEEK! Holy CRAP it's already here! If you are needing tickets to the Idol show this is the place to win them! Nectar Lounge at 9pm! My band Nite Wave melts some faces as we raffle off a pair of Idol tixs for the 10/26 show! Good luck!

19 Oct


Well since It's been awhile..I think I just needed to say Thank You to you all!

16 Oct

Front Cover of the Everett Herald !! 10 Days to go!


WOW WOW WOW !!! We made the front page of a news paper! much thanks to Nick Patterson at the Everett Herald for the story! Want to read the story? click the link below!!!


15 Oct

12 Days to go! 6 days until Idol Pre-Show

Wow. Time flies when your having fun I guess?! Well this week is starting to get crazy. Starting on this Saturday, October 20th we have the Nite Wave Billy Idol pre-show concert at Nectar Lounge! I will be raffling off a pair of Billy Idol tickets at this show!

Then we are on to the nitty gritty! Just 12 days to go until the historical BILLY IDOL BIRTHDAY CONCERT! wow wow wow. Im just speechless.


12 Oct

Two Weeks To Go!

Wow time is just flying by. My actual birthday falls on a week from this Monday but the real shindig will be taking place on the 26th.

I have been trying to play out how this whole thing will be going down in my head and I really tend to forget sometimes how HUGE this actually is. Sometimes I have to stop myself and say WHOA I have a legend of a Rock N Roll star coming to my city because of this project.

I will be updating the Facebook Play My Birthday Billy Idol page frequently as we draw closer so stay tuned! In the meantime if you have missed any of whats happened in the past two years here is a video to catch you up