Crazy, Crazy Day!

21 Aug

Just incredible how many people this project has reached and touched. I am so so blessed to receive e-mails and tweets from all across the globe sending me their thanks and congrats. This is just incredibly unreal. I did six radio interviews today! So so cool. Much thanks to everyone and make sure to go to to get your Billy Idol tickets!

here is a video from the reaction of Billy's Announcement at Idol Aid 4!!! (Warning NSFW LANGUAGE!!, Sorry about the foul mouth! ) - 8-20-12
Local man finally gets his answer: Yes, Billy Idol does do birthdays - 8-20-12
Billy Idol Agrees to Play Seattle Man's Birthday Party - 8-20-12
It Started With A Dream - 8-20-12
Billy Idol agrees to play some dude’s birthday party - 8-20-12
Billy Idol Relents, Will Play birthday Party in Seattle - 8-20-12
It's actually happening: Billy Idol will play Michael's birthday