One More Year

18 Jan

One more year....Well i gave this a lot of thought and to be honest we have come way too far to just pack it in and be satisfied with a 20 second Idol video.

In case this makes zero sense make sure to click over on the WTF section and catch up on the past year.

Would Hulk Hogan give up after taking a flying elbow from Macho Man? Would George Lucas stop after making three Star Wars movies? What if Carson Daly gave up after MTV's Total Request Live was canned? We would have no Last Call with Carson Daly, nor would there be three more Star Wars films that no one seems to remember. on top of that the Hulkster would probably not be taking his vitamins and saying his prayers.

Despite the time this website takes, it's all just love and care. I love what this project has done, raised tons of money for those in need, got thousands of Idol fans across the world together and got us excited at the prospect of seeing Billy in concert in Seattle.

So this is it! All or nothing. Time to step up and get the word out to Idol about how much we want to see him in concert!