So I had birthday this past weekend!

24 Oct

Well a year's time came and passed with no word from Billy Idol himself and another notch on the age belt. Tough to say why he didn't pull through for this. We can confirm YES, Billy Idol did know about this project. Even to the point that Idol's people considered coming up here. Yet here we are on October 24th and we are left with no Idol to rock out to.

So what exactly did I do for my birthday?

Went up to Vancouver, B.C., Canada for an NHL game! Saw an 80's cover band and spent time with some of the best friends a person could know!




And what better way to top it off then a great gift from some friends! Billy Idol on Vinyl!!!

Huge thanks to everyone's support across the globe over the past year. We still have Billy Idol Aid 3 coming up SOON! With more updates! stay tuned!