And Then There Was One Day Left...

21 Oct

Wlak of Fame_1.jpg
(Play My Birthday Billy Idol flyer seen @ the Hollywood Walk of Fame)

Crazy to think it has been a year since I started this crazy project. Time flies when your having fun I guess?! Last year I wanted to try and make something happen with my life. Somehow I came up with the crazy idea to get Billy Idol to Seattle to play at my Birthday this year

It started as a goofy idea and it took me the first month or so to realize I was going to put a lot of work into it. I think it first hit me this was going 100% when I got a video from a lady in Germany who is telling Billy Idol to play @ my birthday!. How crazy is that? Someone from halfway across the world took the time to send me a video of her plea to Billy Idol on my behalf. It was kind actions and the support of strangers who saw the site that really got me going.

Then of course the Celeb videos. It started with Kevin Nealon last year beggin Idol to come play my birthday. That lead to Rick Springfield,then Apolo Ohno. Then the outpouring of support from Celebs!

This website was viewed over 10,000 times with over 30,000 page views in 71 countries!



The project has been covered on TV, Radio and Paper. The Billy Idol Aid projects have raised over $1,500 ad 300lbs of food with one more to go!

The Stats go on and on and on. To conclude the project I'm having my own band headline the most historical concert venue in all of Western Washington. Just crazy to think about. All we want is to hear from BILLY IDOL!!! Stay Tuned