Winding Down...??

02 Oct

If your new to this Website, wow what a year you have missed. Stop right here. Click on the tabs above and discover a years worth of work to try and get Billy Idol to play my birthday.

This video above is the start of it all. It was a cold, cold night in Seattle and I needed something to start off this project. I got on stage with one of my favorite bands and sung as best I could hoping maybe one day Billy Idol could watch this video and see all the effort I was about to put forth.

Here we are just 19 days from my 25th Birthday. Idol's people have contacted me and Im still not sure what is about to go down. Despite having no idea what to actually do on my birthday, Billy Idol Aid 3 is going to wrap this project up. It started at the 200 seat High Dive Venue and is ending at the 1,100 seat historical Showbox at the Market venue. It really really goes to show that despite not knowing if Idol will get involved or not Hard work DOES PAY OFF!

What a dream come true, my own 80's band headlining this venue. Regardless of the Idol outcome, Im so happy to be able to put this show on for charity. To Billy, we wanna hear from you come BIA3 on 11-18-11. Dont let us down!