03 Feb

Long Time No See!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to everyone! Its been a couple of months since I last wrote on this website. So whats new with me?

My friend found this article from a magazine in October of me as A CARTOON! Kinda cool?!


I also met Seattle NBA legend Shawn Kemp!

And I continue to work up a sweat with my 80's band Nite Wave!

19 Nov

October 26th, 2012

Today is November 19th, 2012 and here I am with a chance to reflect on what has happened to me the past month. Life has been busy these past couple months, but really I don't think I would have it any other way.

I wanted to take some time to really take you back on what happened for my Billy Idol birthday party. A lot of you have seen the video's and media appearances but there is just so much to cover I figured why not take a look back on what really happened.

The weekend of the show is still kind of a blur to me. I had my friends Alex, Dusty and Eric flying in from Minneapolis the morning of the show. The whole week was filled with friends flying in from across the nation. My buddy Christian and his girlfriend flew in from San Diego. Laura and her son Steve came down from British Columbia, Cousins from Oregon, so on and so forth. So The Thursday and Friday of the show week was mainly spent hanging out with friends whom had come down to the show.

Thursday was filled with media interviews. Everyone from the BBC in London to CBC in Toronto. Locally doing King 5 Television, KOMO Radio, etc. I really could get no sleep even if I tried. Between spending time with friends, to doing Media interviews to Band practice to attempting to eat food and get some exercise I was stretched very very thin. However I loved every minute of it.

15 Nov

Meeting Billy Idol

04 Nov

True Billy Idol fans!!!

Billy Idol Story  84_0.jpg

30 Oct

Going Worldwide! More Video News!

So this project has gone International! Check out the badass video below!

Also a great behind the scenes video from Seattle's Evening Magazine!

Thailand News 10-30-12

Evening Magazine 10-30-12

29 Oct

The Today Show in Australia

Today Show in Australia!!! 10-25-12

Does it get any cooler then this?

28 Oct

Good Morning America, Associated Press and CNN Live Interviews!!!!!

So overwhelmed right now!!1 In the best way possible! There is just a ton to catch up on! In the meantime to hold you over! Some National Media Coverage!
Good Morning America ABC News! 10-27-12

Associated Press 10-27-12

CNN Live 10-27-12

26 Oct



Two years ago I decided to do the impossible. I dared to dream. All with the intent of bringing friends together for the most historical night of our lives. Today I get to share the most HISTORICAL night of our lives with the people I love. People from 12 States and 3 Providences will be in Seattle to see the finale of Play My Birthday Billy Idol. If that wasn't enough Im opening up for Billy Idol with my band Nite Wave. Thanks to all of you within the reach of this post. No matter how well I know you I can't thank you enough. My dream comes true TONIGHT!

Make sure to follow today's events via the Play My Birthday Billy Idol FACEBOOK page!

26 Oct

The Eagle Has Landed

178964_488995977798651_1481723258_n (1).jpg

Found this photo online from yesterday! This photo was taken by a friend of a friend who saw Idol at the Seattle Airport Thursday night! Again just to make clear as of Friday morning I still have not met or seen Idol!