About Idol

Billy F'N Idol!

The inspiration behind this project is based on what Billy Idol says at 3:42 in the above video..."You have to look at what you do and Love it. You have to be excited about it, and propelled by it and enjoy it and just want to get out there and show the people that Yes, I believe!"

There couldn't be any truer words on how I feel about what i'm trying to accomplish. This project is really about doing something with your life and not just sitting back and watch it go by.

Billy Idol is a legend. There's really not much more that can be said about this guy. He set the tone for what music needs to be and showed the music world that there are no boundaries. Coming from a Punk background in the group Generation X, Idol broke away and exposed his music to a mass audience. He helped turn Punk mainstream and became the face of MTV in the 80's.

Still to this day you can hear his music daily in all walks of life. I walked into a movie theater last night and sure enough "Mony Mony" was blasting over the loud speakers. Tons of drunk people karaoke his songs daily haha. In a sense, he will never fade away. His music will keep getting passed along from generation to generation.

Most known for his Billboard #1 hit "Mony Mony", Idol went on to release singles "White Wedding", "Dancing With Myself", "Eyes Without A Face", "Rebel Yell", "Flesh For Fantasy" and "Hot In The City" which can still be heard today.

Much like Lady Gaga and other talented artists who dominate the airwaves today, Billy Idol dominated the beginning of music television. The only difference? Idol was the forerunner whose music still influences everyone from the old to the young aspiring artist. He's a true entertainer and is near perfect at what he does.

Billy Idol, if you're reading this, come to Seattle on October 22, 2011. The crowd will be nuts, the concert will be amazing, and I can promise it'll be something neither you or we will ever forget.